Galerias La Estrella


If you are looking for a bedroom set, just to sleep on we are probably not your best option.

We specialize in beautiful pieces that bring tranquility and comfort to your bedroom. We pay special attention to the mattress you’ll pair that bedroom set with, when you achieve the perfect combination between mattress and bed frame, you will not only experience great comfort, the glamour and satisfaction that comes with it will be included as added value.

Nobody needs an expensive (whatever your definition of the word is) dining table to eat on, eating can pretty much be done anywhere.

What we offer is a complement to a great experience. From family gatherings to savor a good meal, an awesome time conversing with the relatives around the table, or a large beautiful dining set where you can seat many of your relatives and forge long-lasting memories.

Whether you need a place to chill with the family or a larger sectional to hang out with friends, we have an extensive line of living room sets.

We carry pieces made from the highest quality materials including leather, micro-fabric, and patterned fabrics. A living room set is a very sensitive piece of furniture to acquire. You not only have to make sure that looks and durability are included in the price, but also comfort and resilience.  Your furniture will be tested by the little ones at home. Come see some of the most unique and technologically loaded living room pieces we offer, from Southern Motion to Catnapper, from Ashley to Home Elegance, our selection is extensive.

Any piece of furniture might look plain if not adorned with the right accessories. It might just be passed by unnoticed…

At our galleries, we have an in-house professional decorator to make sure all of our sets project and accentuate their beauty. From table runners to candle holders, from statues to flower bouquets, or the most unique vases and bookends, our line of accessories is the largest and best curated in town.