Galerias La Estrella


We, at Galerias La Estrella are working hard to make sure we provide the buying experience you are looking for and we will make sure to deliver the quality product you expect to get when buying from us, we will also make sure our delivery team fulfill the main promise to the end, expecting with our performance not to close a sale, but to open a relationship with you.

The main purpose of this company is to help you improve your lifestyle by providing you with quality furniture and a variety of different decorating ideas as well as accessories to complement your settings at home, we are not just “another furniture store” once you walk into our showrooms you can see and experience the difference, the harmony and the glamour that separates our company from other propositions.

We are not an E-commerce company, we do not have an option to buy our products online, we are a brick and mortar store specialized in helping the community around us, our main focus is helping the people whom walk into our stores to enjoy their shopping experience, we want to make sure they get a good feel of whatever they are purchasing from us, the texture, the true colors and sizes, but overall the quality of the product they are acquiring, this way we help them avoid the disappointment they usually experience when buying furniture online, we are also committed to make sure they receive the products they buy from us on time and free of defects.

When inconsistencies happen, we personally make sure everyone of those situations are taking care off at the customer’s convenience and satisfaction, you don’t need to fill out forms or talk to gatekeepers, if something you bought from us it’s not performing as it should, all you have to do is call us and we will take care of it ASAP. 

We understand that we will not succeed at making everybody happy, it is probably impossible for that to happen, but we will still give it a shot!

We offer traditional, contemporary and modern furniture, we have different lines you can choose from, different prices, from low to mid and high end, you choose how much you want to invest and we will help you get as much as possible for your money. 

We at Galerias La Estrella, take our job very seriously, we understand that buying furniture is a big expense, therefore we are very respectful in every aspect of our business, we are professionals dedicated to our passion, style, design, harmony and beauty, therefore when you invest with us you can rest assure that you’ve made a smart and informed decision.

– From Us, at La Estrella Furniture Galeries, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Our Team

Myriam Castellanos

Store Supervisor, Sunnyside

Odalis Gonzalez

Sales Executive, Sunnyside

Cristina Telles

Sales Executive, Sunnyside

Andrea Rubio

Chief Financial Officer Executive Assistant

J. Carlos Paz

Sales Executive Pasco

J. Gerardo Arriaga

Store Supervisor, Pasco